Measuring Up: Costume Fitting Day In the Theater

Have you ever been “sized up”? Have you had someone look at you, and you can tell they are looking to see if you “measure up”? You feel exposed, don’t you? Almost like you need to cover up? You want to say, “Stop looking at me so…personally!” Get out my bizness, so to speak.Costume fitting2

I had the wonderful opportunity to get “sized up” twice in the past week. Literally. It was costume fitting time for both the show Lizzie Borden, and at Titanic, The Experience. Let me tell you it’s very….intimate.

Lizze Borden was first. I am playing three different roles in this show, so I am assuming I will have three different costumes. There are none made yet, so they were just getting measurements. The costumer was a pro, and very lovely, and knew exactly what she needed. This always helps and makes this process go a lot smoother. She whipped her tape measure around my body like a cowboy roping a steer. I half expected her to flip me on my back and throw her hands up in the air.

Shoulder to Shoulder. Shoulder to wrist. Bust. Hips. Waist. Hip to floor. Back. Torso. Diagonal torso across the bust “because she has boobs”. As she is shouting out my numbers to her assistant, I find myself biting my tongue to keep from saying things like…..I just ate lunch…..I’m kind of bloated today…..I’m actually about to go on a diet, should I check back with you?…, how ARE my numbers?

I know. Pathetic.

Then I went in to Titanic. Totally different experience. They already have a rack full of costumes, so the costumer was trying to Costumefitting3help me find one that would work with my character, and also work for me. She pulled out several dressed that they thought would be good. Well, the first one wouldn’t even zip up. That’s always a fantastic feeling. Especially when “This dress would be perfect for you!” Yeah, if I wasn’t so FAT! Sure, ok, we’ll blame it on the big chest….again. Second dress goes on, but stuff is spilling out in all the wrong places. THAT’S not going to work. Did I mention how much fun this is? Such an ego booster! Dress numbers 3, 4, 5…, nope, and nada. Too bad. They were all really pretty. Well, she says. Maybe I can find a nice skirt and blouse for you. Hmmm. I am playing Dorothy Gibson…the actress. The model. The COVER GIRL. She needs to wear something fabulous. Except I can’t get myself into anything fabulous!

I start thinking back to my promise to trim the fat. Dang. I forgot about that. I need to start that.

Finally, she pulls out a really pretty cream/yellow dress that is a tad big on me (thank God) and says we can take it in. It is going to look very movie star-ish. Now, I wonder if I should tell her that I am going on a diet?