Where In The World Is Blah Blah Beki?

Where in the world is Blah Blah Beki?carmen_sandiego

I’ve been asking myself that all day.


That is exactly how I have felt today, as I sat around doing pretty much nothing. I found myself asking, Where are you? Where have you been lately? What happened to those goals you set at the beginning of the year? Not resolutions, people break those…but the easily attainable goals?

1. Write 3 times a week
2. Walk/run 3 times a week
3. Family dinners 3 times a week

I’m seeing a pattern there. A lot of 3’s. Maybe that was my problem. In baseball, a pattern of 3’s means you are out. Did I strike out before I even started? How can that be? Blah.

The new year is not a total wash. There have been some new ventures, projects and excitements.


I got cast in a new show, which was exciting.  I was ready for a new project.  Then the show got cancelled before it even got into rehearsals due to an unforeseen illness of the director.

I  also got cast in a Fringe show, but alas, I have to turn it down because I will most likely be traveling during Fringe to attend my niece’s wedding. ( no show/sad, wedding/good)Wanzies Variety Show 35x54

…..but before you start feeling sorry for me…..

I will be singing with four other very talented singers at a Benefit Concert/Variety Show on March 29th! I am looking forward to being on the stage again, and especially with some good friends! Great duets, group numbers, and lots of fun!


I started a new job last month. It seems to be right up my alley, but I am still getting to know the company. I am doing product demonstration/sales. It combines my acting skills, people skills, and sales skills all in one! Think “live informercial”.  It’s a hoot.


After a long dry spell, our family is ready for a little fun! We decided to take a long needed family vacation. This spring break, if you need me, I’ll be cruising the open seas!

So, even though I haven’t necessarily done my “goals” 3 times a week, I guess I have been doing something. I guess I’m ok with that.. blah.. blah.. blah.