The Calm After The Storm

afterstormThere is often a calm after a storm. A moment when the rain stops. The wind ceases from blowing, and the air is still for a moment. If you stand and watch, you can see the moment when the clouds begin to separate, allowing the sun to creep back into the sky. It’s rays only illuminate a small area at first. Like a spotlight. If you are lucky, you are in the spotlight and you can feel it’s warmth.

Right now, I am feeling the warmth.

For the past few months I have been standing outside in the storm. That’s the thing with storms. Sometimes they are alluring, and you almost can’t avoid the urge to stand amidst them. There are parts of them that are beautiful though, and you want to stand in the rain and feel their power. Other parts of them are overwhelming, and sometimes, the storm feels like it will go on forever.

My storm consisted of the whirlwinds of life. Being a part of the show Lizzie Borden was an amazing experience, one I would never trade. It did, however, take a lot of my time and energy. This was a standing in the rain experience. Selling our home and going through the packing and moving process was much less enjoyable. It was overwhelming. Draining. Exhausting. This part of the storm, at times, felt like it would go on forever. Then, there were parts of the storm that were so arduous I would rather not relive them in words on a page. In those times, you tighten your grip, and pray you don’t get blown away.

Each of these things, on their own, I could have possibly handled with greater ease. Together, they created the perfect storm.

Now, as I stand in the warmth of that shaft of sunlight,  I can look back and see the journey. Every storm we weather takes us somewhere. It is nearly impossible to stay in the same place when winds are blowing.

Where did this storm take me? To a new home. One that we love. One full of sunlight, actually. It also took me to a quieter time…for now. A time that I can focus on my family and maybe…myself.

Yes, there is a calm after the storm, and I feel the sun shining on my face.