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About Beki

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Hi, I’m Beki. I know, I spell my name weird. I had to be different.  I’m a wife to a great guy and a mom to three fantastic boys.  I love to sing, perform in local theater ( my family says I also act in every day life), write poetry, read, and embarrass my family (ok, sometimes myself too). This is an outlet for almost all of those loves!

Now, I am going to bore you with 10 random facts about myself:

  • I love twizzlers
  • I rode down a water slide with Fred Savage, while I was in a mouse costume.
  • I have a tattoo of a sun on my ankle.
  • I knew how to sail before I knew how to ride a bike
  • I no longer know how to sail, but I can still ride a bike
  • I can speak fluent Pig Latin
  • I have a pet flying squirrel (update – he ran away. I am sad)
  • I have to sleep with my feet covered, or the boogie man will grab them
  • I don’t iron. Don’t make me.
  • The smell of a horse’s neck is heaven to me

I hope you enjoy browsing around Blah Blah Beki!