They Like Me, They Really Like Me!

old lady

After a week of learning new music, cramming monologues into my tired brain, driving back and forth in the pouring rain to one audition after another… ok, 4 total…I got some exciting news. I got cast in not one, but two of the shows!

Now, before you start jumping up and down for me and spill your cereal all over your computer, here’s the bad news. I can only do one of them because the shows overlap. Just my luck, right? I really wish I could do both, BUT, the silver lining is, now I join the elite few that can say, “yeah, I turned that offer down”.  That makes you sound really important.

So, the show I AM going to do is called Lizzie Borden. Does that name sound familiar? That’s because it is about a real person. An axe murderess from the 1800’s to be exact. She was tried for killing her parents. With an axe.  Sounds pretty dark, doesn’t it? Don’t 3323_Borden-Lizzieworry….it’s a musical. When you put stuff to music it’s…fun!

We start rehearsals in July and the show opens August 24th. What’s super exciting is that I’ll be working with Tony award winning director, Kenny Howard, an amazing cast, and the talented Michael Wanzie who wrote the script.  Ok, now, put down your cereal and jump up and down for me! YAY!

Now that I have a new show to be excited about…I can pull myself out of the pool of self pity I’ve been sitting in over the last show I auditioned for and DIDN”T get in. I mean, you can’t get them all, right?

So, to show how OK I am with it now…I am going to share with you my audition video from that show. That’s right. The one I didn’t get in. It’s ok, really. They had 60 women audition for 6 parts. I’m sure I was just too tall, or too short, or too brunette, or used too much inflection on that one note, or…maybe they saw me looking at my cheat sheet? The more I watch it..that’s ALL I SEE.

Dang! Why didn’t I do a better job of memorizing?!?  It’s ok…really…I’m fine. Just watch the video. You’ll see. I’m going to keep telling myself it’s a great audition, and I just didn’t have “the look” they wanted. Because that’s what they teach us in those expensive acting classes.

Preface: This is Belle from Beauty and the Beast telling her side of the story in the show DISENCHANTED!