The Show Must Go On


I’m going to share with you my little  humiliating, embarrassing, ego crushing, self esteem destroying moment from my audition tonight. Because if I share it with you, it won’t own me, or define me, or something like that. Right? Whatever. Here it goes.

Tonight I auditioned for the musical Oklahoma. I know I did a good job because they asked me to stay for a callback. They wanted to hear me sing for the part of Ado Annie. I was pretty happy with that considering she is one of the main roles, and one of the “younger” characters in the show. As I looked around at the other girls asked to stay, they looked like the typical girls I see at auditions. Young, pretty, young. And for once, I felt like I was being grouped in with them. I was being asked to stay and try out for the same character that they were being seen for! This was big. This was exciting. I had to contain myself. I couldn’t let them know that this didn’t happen all the time. I didn’t want to come across as a newb, as my son calls it.

So, we all went into the audition room, all of us “young chicks”, and learned the song for Ado Annie. Then they wanted to hear us individually. There was one note in the song that was particularly difficult to hit, and we, the girls, discussed it together and laughed about how we probably wouldn’t hit it when it was our turn. I walked in to face the directors with all the confidence I could muster.

It must have been enough, because I nailed it. That note? Not a problem.

So, you’re probably wondering why this is a humiliating, embarrassing, ego crushing, self esteem destroying moment, right?

Here it comes.

They called me back into the room after everyone had gone and asked me if I would be able to come back the next night when they were doing more callbacks. Wow, I thought. They must want to match me up with the guys they are going to cast or something. They must be pretty sure they want me for Ado Annie! Sure, I said, I can come tomorrow night.

Great! We’d like for you to read for the part of Aunt Eller.

Aunt Eller? As in….the old lady?  *humiliating, embarrassing, ego crushing, self esteem destroying moment*

Of course I agreed…I am an actress after all, you don’t turn down a chance for a part. Aunt Eller still is a good part, even if she does have grey hair.

I went out and said goodbye to all the Ado Annie “possibles” with their “you poor dear” looks.

So, tomorrow, I will go and give one heck of an audition as Aunt Eller. The show must go on.