Yard Work Day

yard work pic

Yard work day…for most families this is a once a week chore, but much to our neighbors disgust…for us it happens about once every 3 months. This is probably why we get the kind of reaction we do from our kids when we tell them it’s yard work day. You’d think we asked them to join the crew on the side of the road digging ditches in Arizona on a mid July day. Or something worse than that. That sounds pretty bad to me though.

Anyway, they moan. They cry. They complain. They say things like, “it’s not fair”. That’s my favorite. Fair? You wan’t to talk fair? Is it fair that I have to sit in pee on the toilet seat because you don’t know how to aim? Yeah, I don’t think so. It’s not like we live on a farm people.

So, we finally get them out there, and they do the work, and surprisingly, they start to have a good attitude about it. Some of them might even (gasp) have fun. (NO!)  We remind them that it will be another three months and two HOA letters before we have to do it again, and then we go for a swim. All is well again.