The Boys Club: Being a Mom To All Boys

BoysI spoke to a friend today who found out she is about to have her third boy. Welcome to the club, I told her. The boys club that is. I don’t think you are officially in the club with just two boys, even though they can be a handful. It’s that third boy that seems to send a mother over the edge. How will I handle three boys?  I am but one. I have only two hands. Two eyes. There are only two of us. Three boys will….out number us…outsmart us….out….everything us.

Trust me. I know.

As a mother of two boys, you are up to your eyeballs in trucks, legos, rocks, dirt, frogs, bugs, more dirt. You dream of pink, bows, dolls, dresses, ballet classes. It all seems so…fairytale like. Sure, you have those people who tell you, “Oh, you got the easy ones. Girls are so much harder to raise.”  And you want to say, yeah, but I bet they are quieter…and cleaner. You love your boys…there is no doubt about that, but when you get pregnant for the third time, you convince yourself that this pregnancy feels different. You just know it in your heart of hearts that it is a girl. God wouldn’t give you three boys, would he?

God can be so funny sometimes.

What’s funny though, is that third boy, was exactly what I needed. He was the sweetest, snuggliest  baby, and to this day is the sweetest, snuggliest boy. I think that tends to happen a lot. I think telling her that, reassured my friend. I also told her about all the other perks of having three boys. I’s a great money saver because you can hand down all their clothes. They can also share toys, rooms and friends. Not to mention the fact that they can be in similar activities which will cut down on traveling as they get busy.

Boys can be a handful, and there are many days when I wish I had someone else in my house who spoke my language, or thought like I did, or at lease put the toilet seat down. But, I wouldn’t trade my boys for anything. A boys heart stays close to his mother’s, and I know if need be, they would stand up for me through anything.

They are all taller than me now, but they will always be my little boys, and I will always be their mother. It was more physically tiring to be their mom when they were small. Now, it is more emotionally and mentally draining I think. For those of you who are still under the impression that it gets “easier”…I once believed that lie too. It just gets, different. Wonderful though, in so many ways.  I wrote this poem when they were a little younger. It always brings a smile to my face when I remember them at that age. Back when I thought they would never grow up. Boy was I wrong. Back then, the years seemed to go so slow. Now, the minutes go way too fast.


muddy footprints on the floor
dirty hand prints  on the door

loud giggles from down the hallScreen shot 2013-06-27 at 5.41.41 PM
a masterpiece in crayon, on the wall

bikes and scooters in the yard
old playdough, stiff and hard

bugs and lizards in little cages
games and puzzles for all ages

clothes forgotten next to the hamper
fishing poles stuffed in the camper

being there to wipe a tear
little boys to love so dear

-Beki Herrbach