Confessions of A Slacker: How To Find The Motivation To Exercise

SLACKER-  noun: a person who shirks their work or duty
               ex. Beki Herrbach 


That’s me. Yep.  A bona fide slacker.

Do you remember a certain promise I made. A promise to Trim the Fat? Yeah. I knew I shouldn’t have opened my big fat mouth, or typed it, rather, with my chubby little fingers.

I thought that by making my promise on here, in front of all of you, it would hold me accountable. I would have to get myself out there and do something. Well, that was before I knew. That was before I knew what a huge SLACKER I was.

Ok. *Moment of truth* I already knew I was a slacker. Don’t hate me. That is why I had to make the promise to exercise publicly, but I’ll be darned if even that wasn’t enough to make me do it!

Accountability. That is the key word. The problem with how I did it was that I thought by sending a promise out into cyberspace, I would actually follow through. Like, my readers would come through my computer each morning and yell at me to get my lazy butt up and exercise. Of course not! I need a REAL LIVE PERSON to actually make me do it.

Every time I overcame a challenging obstacle, or accomplished some difficult physical goal, I had an accountability partner or group. When I ran my first half marathon, I did it with Team In Training. A year later when I tackled the Disney Full Marathon, I 660030trained and ran with two close friends. I could not have finished without them. (they had to practically drag me the last 6 miles!) When I trained for and completed two Sprint distance triathlons, it was with a large group of first timers like myself.

So you see, I’m not afraid of the work. You don’t run 26.2 miles if you are afraid of hard work. (toot, toot) I just lack the self discipline to get myself out there on my own to do it. I hate that about myself. I really wish I could change that. What I need is a good kick in the pants.

Any kickers out there with some extra time on their hands?