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Back Off, Pooch


I love dogs. Don’t get me wrong. As a matter of fact, I can remember when I was little telling my mom I couldn’t wait until I was grown and had my own house so I could have a house FULL of dogs! I couldn’t understand why she seemed to dislike our family dogs so much. She would complain about the hair, the smell, the poop, the barking, the cost…..and I would say BUT MOM! They are worth it because we LOVE them. She would respond with, just wait until you have your own house. Then you will understand. Ididn’t think I would ever understand. She was the one who didn’t understand how much I loved dogs. Fast forward….25 years, 3 kids, two houses, and TWO dogs later….and I totally get it. The hair….the smell….the poop…the barking…the cost

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And for some reason, we ended up with the two weirdest dogs ever. They have both been on the verge of death and then miraculously recovered. (I’m thankful..of course) One of our dogs has OCD and snaps at invisible flies or licks the air when he’s nervous, the other one has major separation anxiety and follows me around the house like a shadow. When you sit she puts her head in your lap, or on your computer, or in your book, or on your plate of food. It’s super ….sweet.
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So, now that my children are old enough to do their own thing….I have a dog that “needs me”. Listen, I’m not one of those women that is having trouble “cutting the cords” so to speak and ran out to buy a puppy to help soothe the pain. I’m happy to have a little freedom now that my kids are independent. The dog needs to BACK OFF. I love my dogs, but…. I’m going to say something that my ten year old self would never have believed. I think after these two pups are gone….we are done with dogs. *gasp*
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